About Us

Venandi Design was established 2018 in Turku, Finland.
Venandi Design Pet Bowl was created out of love for animals, respect for nature and passion for design. 
Venandi Designs mission is creating ecological choices without compromising on design and usability. We want to create beautiful design and functional products sustainably.
Venandi Design Pet Bowls are made of bio-based material containing wood. Wood fibre-based products store carbon and can replace non-renewable materials such as plastic. By using these kinds of materials and resources efficiently we can significantly reduce the carbon footprint. We think it is essential to find ways to create every day products that are manufactured in a responsible manner respecting our environment. 
Pet products such as feeding and drinking bowls are usually on display in our homes all the time. We wanted to create a pet bowl that is design led and stands out as a design piece adding harmonious feel to your home. With minimalistic Nordic design it is sure to complement your home décor, adding a Scandinavian lifestyle feel. 
Venandi is a Latin word meaning "hunting/pursuing". We think it is very suitable and an inspiring word. Animals are of course the original hunters of the nature. We hope that pets all around the world enjoy "hunting" their food and water from our Venandi Design Pet Bowls. Equally Venandi Design is hunting and pursuing a dream by creating products combining values that are close to our hearts. We work to create a more sustainable lifestyle and we hope to add harmony to homes with four legged family members. Responsibility and pure love for nature and animals are the driving forces behind Venandi Design.