Ecological Material

At Venandi Design we think it is essential to find ways to create every day products that are manufactured in a responsible manner respecting our environment.
Venandi Design Pet Bowl is made out of bio-based material containing wood fibers.  Wood fiber-based products store carbon and can replace non-renewable materials such as plastic. The material is eco-friendly and significantly reduces carbon footprint.
The wood that is used in the material comes mostly from spruce and pine and it is harvested from sustainably managed and certified Nordic forests. 
Sustainable forest management safeguards forest health and productivity, helps combat global warming, and protects biodiversity - whilst securing the long-term availability of our renewable resource. Bio-based materials can be reused as a material and recycled with plastics. They can also be used for energy at their end-of-life stage. 
The material we use is manufactured by Stora Enso. With Stora Enso we cooperated and tested many variants of the bio-based materials to find the best material for our product. The material is food contact safe certified and dishwasher safe. The high quality material gives a stylish finish to the products  complementing our design. In our Charcoal Black and Natural White pet bowls the wood fibers are fine, giving an elegant and even finish to the products. In the natural wood coloured Wood Chips, the fibers are bigger and more visible to the eye, giving an organic feel to it.